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Dealing in quality used cars, where everyone has credit approval

Hocking River Motor Company started in business in Nelsonville Ohio in 1997. Bryan Christman saw a need in the Hocking Valley for automobiles that a working class person can afford. He started in the car business in 1986 at Gibson Ford in Athens Ohio and stayed with them until the Gibsons went out of business in 1991. After that he worked as the manager for the largest new car dealer in Athens county for the next five years.

One thing he found out about the big dealers is that they do not want to sell cars in the lower price range. In their eyes it just doesn't make enough money to sell cars under that $10,000. So that is what they do at Hocking River Motor Company. Bryan searches far and wide to find the cars and trucks that most people in our area can afford. Is it easy? No it is not. He strives to find the right cars and then checks them out and reconditions them so when he sells that car he is proud to put his name on it.

So with that being said, in October of 2013 came around the highway bypass went around Nelsonville. With the loss of traffic Bryan picked up and moved to Athens, something he had planned since the start of the highway construction began. Hocking River Motor Company still sells the same quality cars that they have been for the past 17 years, just in a new location. We still have our own garage and service all our cars before selling them to our customers.

A new feature that they have added is "Guaranteed Credit Approval" something that is badly needed in our area. So now they can help everyone get a car and at the same time establish credit for customers no matter what has happened in their credit history. Guaranteed Credit Approval is not a gimmick, it is real help for those that need it the most. It is a fresh start at building that damaged credit or it is a chance for that first time buyer to get started with out co-signers.

Thanks for taking the time to read about us and hopefully we will see you or hear from you soon.

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